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About Me

Thank you for being here!

Professional life

Hello, I’m Poppy, an experienced NMC registered nurse with a background in emergency & acute medicine as well as primary care. With 9 years of nursing experience, I offer a diverse skill set with knowledge of a range of disease and illnesses. Having worked overseas as a clinic nurse, I have gained a global perspective on healthcare acquiring cultural experiences and further widening my understanding of health.

My passion lies within health and wellbeing and holistic healing. In 2021 I went through a very personal healing journey. Through holistic practices, I started to look at my physical, mental and spiritual health, finding balance, harmony and peace. After such a profound healing journey, I felt called to help others in a different way. I enrolled on a spiritual counselling diploma with the holistic healing college and began yet another journey. This course did not only guide the direction of my practice, it also continued my path of self-discovery and healing. As a result of this training, I went on to train in reiki working with energy medicine. To develop my skills further and learn how I could support clients in making positive changes, I trained as a health and wellbeing coach. As you can see, I have been very busy studying and learning how I can best support you. I absolutely believe that anyone can make positive changes toward a better quality of life, you may just need a helping hand to guide you along the way.

Personal Life

I have already lived a very full life, adventurous, colourful and full of experiences! I love to travel, explore and adventure. I have been to 33 different countries, backpacking across both South East Asia and Central America. In 2016 I spent some time living in Finland during its magical fairy-tale winter months at -32degrees! In 2019 I opted for a warmer climate and relocated to the tropical paradise of the Cayman Islands. Right now I am living in my home county of North Devon spending time with my family. I am still practicing as a clinical nurse at my local hospital. In my spare time I volunteer for the hospice – giving back to a service that has supported me over the years. I love hiking especially up mountains and spending time in nature. But what I love the most is an adventure! If there is a journey involved – you can count me in!

This work is my absolute passion and I am so honoured to be able to offer you this service.


“I have been with Poppy for a few weeks now and she has made a huge difference to my life. She helps keep me on track with my diet and exercise and is not judgmental when things don’t go to plan.”

Andrea C

If you are ready to start your spiritual journey, I would be honoured to guide you along the way.

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